Google Play Store App Download

Google Play Store Download: Google Play store app is a digital and multimedia content distribution service. It is developed and operated by Google. In all the Android phones it is a default installed App.It allows the users to browse and download different Android applications of both free and paid. It serves as digital media store of books, music, movies, Android apps, and offering music, magazines.Goole play was launched on May 6, 2012.If you want to download google play store directly you can do it by downloading the installation files from the internet. In 2016 the google play had 82 billion app downloads. But amazingly it has reached to over 2.7 million Android apps in 2017.Google play store provides musical files, videos and digital library and other interesting applications.

Play Store Apps Download

Google play helps you to find Android apps.You can find the apps in different categories like popular apps, new and updated ones, recommended apps.

Google play music Applications

Android standard account users can upload 50,000 songs without a single penny. In Google play from the section Music store users can buy other additional tracks.If you want to download songs offline, you can do it through the Music Manager app.

Movies and TV shows

You can enjoy watching films and your favourite tv shows by purchasing or rented on Google Play. Even when you have not connected also you can download your favourite movie and you can watch from anywhere.


Once upon a time, we have to walk miles to read books. Reading books gives wisdom, improves your brain power, enhances problem-solving skills etc.Google play makes our work easier by providing a digital reading.You can purchase or rent comics,children books and textbooks on Google play.


In this section, you can browse the topics, news sources, and magazines on which you have interested at.You can subscribe thousands of news sources, popular magazines and different publications.

Google Play Store Free games download

Games are one of the best entertainments in the world.Games get more fun with the Google Play Games app.Now let see how to download the paid play store games free download.First,you have to go the google play. Then type the paid games in the search word. You can find a various number of games.Select your favourite game.Before to download this game for free you need to download another app called "Blackmart".

You can not find this Blackmart alpha application in play store. Go to the browser and download the Blackmart alpha app. After downloading the app tap the Yes button if you want to update the app otherwise tap the No button. Next step you have to type the name of your favourite game in the search word. Then select your favourite version of the game and tap the install button which you find on the top.This is how you can download paid games for free from Google play store.Not only the action games you can download sports games and puzzles and any kind of games freely through the Google play store.You can choose your favourite game from thousands of super games within the app.

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